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Car Rental Aruba
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About Us

Are You Looking For a Car for Your Next Vacations? Car Rental Aruba

Ebenezer Car Rental Aruba starts operations in the Island of Aruba since February of 2017 first of all to make your stay and vacations pleasurable as much as possible because we love to serve others; also we want to offer you a better experience in customer service, where we can help you in any way you need, where information is clear, accurate and truthful.

Our car rental Aruba has been serving visitors, locals and furthermore of other agencies. Most of all we offer quality vehicles, courteous and friendly service while our rates are very reasonable; because finally we are always ready to fill your car rental needs.

If you love the Caribbean, probably you must to head to Aruba for a more sea, sun and fun; -trust us, you will-. Maybe it is truly a unique destination, evident due in its language of Papiamento with cultures melded. Rather rent a car with Ebenezer Car Rental Aruba and furthermore tour the California Lighthouse and Baby beach. Almost everything is within driving distance on Aruba with your rented car.


Did you find your Car Rental Aruba?

When you come to visit us in Aruba, be sure to book your car rental with Ebenezer Car Rental Aruba to ensure your transportation is easy and your stay enjoyable. We are a family company committed to excellence and good service to please God and you. Whatever your car rental needs ¡we will do our best to make getting around Aruba as comfortable and hassle-free as possible!

For us it is a privilege to be able to serve you, and we want to say thank you for choosing us.


Francisco Ruiz & Family
Ebenezer Car Rental Aruba team.

Car Rental Aruba
Car Rental Aruba
Car Rental Aruba
Car Rental Aruba

Our Cars

Our small, compact, medium and large cars, equipped with air conditioning, radio and automatic transmission, will transport you in a comfortable way so you can discover, visit and enjoy what our happy island has to offer you. Economic and comfortable cars that will give you the pleasure
of driving on your vacation

Car Rental Aruba


¡Becuase we love serve you and help you! Please, let us know your reservation request
at least 48 hours before your arrival date in addition to let you know our avaliable cars and prices;
finally we will take contact with you in a while.

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Car Rental Aruba

Contact Us

¡Our friendly team is looking forward to welcoming you to Aruba!
Use the form below if you would like to contact us.
After completing the form your message will be sent directly to Ebenezer Car Rental Aruba.

Contact Form

You can always contact us by telephone or simply visit our branch. During the reservation process, in one of our other ways, you have the option to choose all kinds of extra options; additional charges and others.

Please make sure to correctly enter your email address. We will not store or sell your email address; it is our strict policy that your e-mail and telephone / WhatssApp number  or others will only be used by us.

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We are located in Paradera, a small town near the northeast end of the island of Aruba, located just 13 minutes from the Hotel Area (Palm Beach) and 7 minutes from The Capital City (Oranjestad); where you will find proximity to tourist places such as Casibari Rock Formations, Curason Park (Park of the heart), Zeerovers Restaurant (The pirates;
fresh sea food), Baby beach, Sint Nicolaas area(Saint Nicolas), Hooiberg hiking & Lookout (Hooiberg Little mountain), restaurants ¡and many others!


Paradera 160 - Aruba

Phone / WhatsApp

+297 5936549


info@ebenezeraruba.com management@ebenezeraruba.com